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Water Issues Franklin Area

Many of Franklins town supplies had aging and inadequate water treatment plants. Watercare resolved these issues and many are now connected to the Waikato Water Treatment plant which also supplies A-grade water to Auckland.
On the fringes of the towns and in rural areas, there are still a number of people with individual supplies.

Microbiological Contaminants

These can include bacteria like E.coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter. Viruses like Hepatitis A & E, Norovirus and Calcivirus. As well as Protozoan parasites like Giardia.
Any water supply which is not a Town mains which meets drinking water standards should be considered a possible source of microbiological contamination.
As these are living organisms, they are likely to be present intermittently and the number of them present will vary.
These are commonly found in rain water supplies, a surface waters, springs and shallow or unsecured bores. This can also be a concern with some water schemes, particularly irrigation schemes that some people have connected to their homes.

Chemical/Mineral Contaminants

As with all areas, what issues are present will depend on where the water is coming from.

Rain Water
Chemically rain water is very good, however as it falls through the air, it dissolves in some Carbon Dioxide, which makes it slightly acidic and corrosive to metal plumbing. This is more noticeable in plastic tanks, concrete tanks can offer some protection as they raise pH slightly.

Bore/Well/Spring Water
There are a good number of people on these supplies supply in the region, these often have undesirable levels of iron, manganese, hardness, Silica and low pH
Those near the coast can have additional issues with salty water intrusion.

Surface Water (Streams, Rivers, Creeks Dams etc)
Surface water sources are not common in this area. Those which are present tend to have heavy levels of sediment in them after rains and they can become discoloured from dissolved organic matter. Depending on the land they flow through, some can also have other mineral issues, like hardness and iron.

Town Supplies
The water from the Waikato Treatment plant supply is very safe to drink and is monitored well by Watercare. The supply does contain Chlorine, the taste and smell of which may be undesirable to some consumers. The supply also contains Fluoride which some consumers prefer to remove.

Water Schemes
Occasional a small community may create their own water scheme to provide water to a number of houses in an area without a town supply. Some of these may leave the responsibility for drinking water safety in the hands of the home owner who has elected to connect to the scheme. These need to be tested and depending on the water source may experience some of the water issues described above.

Franklin Service Areas

  • Pukekohe

  • Dury

  • Orua Bay

  • Big Bay

  • Grahams Beach

  • Awhitu

  • Kauritutahi

  • Matakawau Point

  • Clarkes Beach

  • Te Toro

  • Glenbrook

  • Waiau Bush

  • Mission Bush

  • Waiuku

  • Kingseat

  • Waiau Pa

  • Patumahoe

  • Te Hihi

  • Karaka

  • Manukau Heads

  • Paerata

  • Buckland

  • Papamiru

  • Bombay

  • Pollok

  • Wattle Bay

  • Mauku

  • Puni

  • Ramarama

  • Pokeno

  • Mercer

  • Mangatawhiri

  • Mangatangi

  • Kaiaua

  • Tuakau

  • Karioitahi

  • Aka Aka

  • Otaua

  • Whakatiwai

  • Ararimu

  • Hunna


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